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refundable deposits contract cancelled

What state are you in? Were you aware that this was a non- refundable deposit when you signed the contract? Is there any cancellation clause in your contract?.
Should the deposit be refunded if contract is cancelled before work has begun One would think so,I would, but may depend on the contract.
And I suppose it depends on what the contract says about cancellations . I know my contracts all clearly state no refunds on the deposits, BUT if your We cancelled our wedding a couple of years ago because we realized....

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For vendors, damages from a cancellation can range from losses on food that spoils, to alteration costs on gowns, to lost opportunities for booking another wedding. These damages are difficult to measure. As is booking is the action that they are paying for. Where the purpose is punishment, an LDC becomes a penalty and is no longer enforceable. refundable deposits contract cancelled

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  • Sign Up for Weddingbee If NO work was done yet and by booking our contract he is not losing out on bayside benlevi business for that date? If what you bought isn't what you wanted, you now have an extra. Anything you could do to get the deposit back would be greatly appreciated.
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Refundable deposits contract cancelled expedition fast

Where that line is drawn is different for everybody. Make reasonable efforts to re-book the date, if there is reasonable time to re-book. Hard lesson learned, make sure to have in writing what will happen with the deposit if the vendors quits. A: The first thing to remember about any purchase is that verbal promises are difficult to verify, particularly when you sign a contract that does not make the same claims you may have heard in a presentation. Better to have a contract that makes you, rather than one that breaks you.

refundable deposits contract cancelled