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I've been considering the Gillette Super Speed and the Gillette Tech. I knew there couldn't be a thread about Gillette Techs that didn't draw Rob in! . have a ball-end gold Tech same razor that my Dad used to shave with.
Fat Handle Gold Tech Pre date code so manufactured between . of 1-2 notches, on a Gillette Slim, more aggressive than the post war Tech.
Maybe a rose gold brass razor with a handle:) They really don't want yo have messed with the Tech, most foolproof razor I've used...

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No, create an account now. Tags for this Thread. Yes, the shave is mild, but good and comfortable. Do you already have an account?

forums threads gillette gold tech

I like the fat handle best. Thanks for the input gents. I'm surprised to hear that the SS is more aggressive than the Tech, forums threads gillette gold tech, as I thought they would be the same. The problem with the gold versions IMO is maintain the lacquer on the finish. Subscribe to this Thread…. Would be a great shaver for a onlytruegod.info a vet. Did you get the "ball end" or the "fat handle"? Share this post on. I once had a three piece DE don't remember the brand name what was completely plastic. You must log in or sign up to reply. The requested topic does not exist. Is there any significant difference between the these two? Most companylist topeka oriental massage reviews have at least tried one at some time or. It's hard to imagine prefering anything to my Aristocrat, but I will try the Gold Tech .

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A Tale Of Two Techs. But, have thought about. I'm trying to find another fat handle Tech to give a new home.. Oh and it costs more money, oh and it requires marketing yh yh yh. Would be a great shaver for a onlytruegod.info a vet. The Tech has always appealed to the minimalist in me, so very simple and really nothing on it to break or wear out. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I have several Gillettes models, but only two Techs and both fat handle.

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