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Anaheim is a tourist city, like many OC cities. I've known people from Anaheim, Tustin, who relocated to Nevada, essentially a tourist state.
Judd Estrada, 39, would be in favor of a homeless shelter. Estrada says he has an AA degree in criminal justice from Riverside City College but.
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User submitted facts and corrections:. All I really need is a safe place to leave my backpack so I can go out and look for a job. Number Average Value Number Average Value Number Average Value. Costa Mesa bans vaping in public parks, regulat..... Skip to primary content Skip to secondary content Home. San Clemente considering homeless shelter site,..... Latino Voters Won't Support Secure Borders or I.....

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  • Homeless people wanting to stay at the shelter would have to reserve a space and undergo background screening to prevent registered sex offenders and wanted felons from entering, said Karen Roper, director of Orange County Community Services. Thanks for kicking off the conversation!
  • Man arrested in fire that burned storage units. They all said they would benefit from a shelter. He spoke out against the shelter.
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City of Anaheim - 745 N Harbor Blvd Anaheim CA 92805

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This isn't a post praising Disneyland, the food in Orange County or the summer heat that never ends, but before someone prepares the usual 'if you don't like Cali then move k thx bye' response, as so many other anti-Californians have gotten, please hear or read me out. You are currently logged in as. Four stabbed in melee at Ku Klux Klan rally in.....