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buffy angel episode viewing order

The Watcher's Council: Buffy and Angel Episode Viewing Order.
I got to the end of season 3 and then tried to watch Angel in parallel to it, so watch one Buffy episode and then an Angel episode directly.
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Buffyverse Wiki is a Fandom TV Community. Title Crossover Description Welcome to the Hellmouth Never Kill a Boy on the First Date I, Robot... Interestingly, it is actually impossible for War Zone to take place between Sanctuary and Blind Date and have it make any sense with the timeline concerning Angel's appearance in The Yoko Factor these episodes happen explicitly within a few days. Is that sad that I didn't even have to look that up?
buffy angel episode viewing order

Buffy angel episode viewing order -- going

COULD have made the relationship work. Clarification of Answer by. Don't worry we'll quickly delete the spoiler and if we agree we'll gladly tweak the guide. So everyone should avoid a dismissive and insulting tone if they want their comments to remain. You frequently post the same point over and over again after someone has made a valid point contradicting what you have said.

buffy angel episode viewing order

Tri Seoul: Buffy angel episode viewing order

Buffy angel episode viewing order This is a great list, although there are a few changes I would make. That pushes "New Moon Rising" back chronologically to. Chris who posted right above you amazingly injected the canon comics into our list, we just have to post it up. Dunno if Dawn got to graduate that year of highschool. I feel it's just a slight aside given by Cordelia, which is just enough to help establish that the two story arcs do take place over parallel time frames, but is not significant enough to interrupt the dramatic tension on the single night of Buffy's life. Love this list to help me watch in order.
Buffy angel episode viewing order I was planning to just watch naperville angel massage therapy episode of B and then switch for one episode of A and then back again but for some reason I googled for a better viewing order and found. Or you can do what I like to. It's unclear how much time has expired between "Who Are You? My guide is still a work in progress, and only the red episodes are the ones that absolutely have one hundred percent improvement in viewing in an exact order. Buffy receives a phone call from Angel, who has just discovered she is alive.
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