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avaya lucent partner manual

Intervention Hotline at. How to Get Help. For additional support telephone numbers, go to the Avaya Web site: http:/www. avaya.com/support/.
Download Avaya (AT&T) Partner Phone System manuals including the Partner ACS Installation Programming and User's guide. Partner II and Partner Mail in.
Free download of Avaya Partner 18D User Manual. Troubleshooting help from experts and users. Ask our large community for support.

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To ring the extension, dial the two-digit extension number, or To voice-signal a system phone at the extension, press two-digit extension number and listen for one of the following responses: If you hear one beep, you have reached an idle system phone. Similarly, users receiving a transfer return call see the name of the person assigned to the extension that did not answer the transferred call. Transferring a Call to the Fax Machine There are two situations in which you would want to transfer a call to your fax machine: You answer an outside call and hear a fax machine signaling. This customization is accomplished through Telephone Programming. Users can use this feature to save a number before they hang up on a busy or unanswered call. Using System Phone To turn on the message light: Press the programmed button or press Dial the two-digit extension number of the phone whose message light you want to turn on, or use an Auto Dial button. NOTE: Modems can connect directly to an extension jack without an adapter.

avaya lucent partner manual

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The following sections describe various difficulties that might occur, possible causes for the difficulty, and procedures you can follow to try to solve the problem. Table of Contents Contents. How to Make an Intercom Call An intercom call, or inside call, is a call between two extensions without using an outside line. Print This Page Print. Calls on Hold Are Disconnected Possible Cause: Hold Disconnect Time setting is too short.

avaya lucent partner manual

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You can mark System Speed Dial numbers to override dialing restrictions. Using System Phone You can lift the handset or press If you want to call on a specific line, press the line button or press and the two-digit line number. Voice Messaging Systems Two voice messaging systems are compatible with your system. Call Reporting often referred to as Station Message Detail Recording or SMDR provides detailed tracking of telephone usage in a printed report. Set up the call to the second party. Entry of an account code may be optional or forced. Considerations The following instructions assume that system phones are set using Automatic Line Selection to automatically select outside lines first, and standard phones are set to select intercom first.

avaya lucent partner manual

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DOMACI PORNO VIDEA Learning About Telephones Contents System Telephones Buttons and Indicators Lights Ringing Patterns Dial Tones Using the Handset, Speaker, and Microphone Hands-Free Answer on Intercom HFAI Voice Interrupt on Busy Calls Speakerphone Performance Tips Standard Telephones Ringing Patterns Dial Tones "Avaya lucent partner manual" the Switchhook Limitations Feature Phones Combination Extensions. System Programming Options This section discusses programming options that involve multiple procedures such as dialing restrictions and auxiliary equipment settingsas well as features that can be used throughout your system such as Speed Dialing. Learning About Telephones This chapter explains how system and standard phones work with the system, as well as combination extensions where more than one phone or standard device is installed. Related Features To set up a Fax Management button, program the fax extension number on an Auto Dial button with lights. You hear a dial tone, and the dial tone cuts off when you dial, but the line does not ring.
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